Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bailed on the KBRCC today

That's Katie's Bike Run Core Cupcakes. Something has really taken it out of my knee lately. Not sure if it's the extra emphasis on core, or trying to maintain bike time, or what. Up till very recently it's been more of an ache, but I've had a few spasms of actual almost pain. So, much as it crushed me to do so, I skipped out on todays session. After reading Elizabeth's blog about health and fitness, I feel no guilt.

It ended up being a very busy day anyways, out and about. I'd been thinking of running, but it didn't happen. The 45 minute core did happen, though I was feeling sluggish about it at first. It ended up being pretty good. The pushups are beginning to work again. Yay!

Weekly Summary
swim 3.25 hrs
bike 1.25 hrs (and a pretty feeble effort, if I do say so myself)
run .5 hr
Total cardio 5.0 (which is being a bit optimistic given the bike)
Core 3.75


  1. Good for you Keith!!!!

    I also read ELF's blog and it was AWESOME. This is the kind of information that we need to hear!!

    I think you are very, very smart for stopping the activities that exacerbate the pain. Very smart. :)

  2. That is too bad that you had to miss the cupcakes... errr I mean the bike. Good job for taking a break though and not spinning in pain. It's not worth it.
    Thanks for posting ELF's blog post-great read.


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