Friday, August 6, 2010

Not fail, but not obedient either

Feeling better, even though I didn't sleep well last night. My brain was going a mile a minute, thinking about work stuff, tri stuff, stuff stuff. My body was tired, but couldn't find a comfortable position to settle into.

Swim was to be 60 minutes after a short warmup, 400 m or so. No counting laps. No stopping. Consistent. The start was much like IMC, I got one lap in, and 3 floaties joined me. Dudes in the next lane were sloppy swimmers with huge waves, wake, and bubbles. They had the pool jets on full to clear out the kid pee from swim lessons. Choppy. Swam hard 100 m or so, dodging the floaties and showing them I was on a mission.

After that I settled into a nice consistent stroke, back and forth. Counted strokes a few times, it was either 19 or 20 per length. Watched the pace clock a few laps near the end and realized I'd slowed down to 1 minute per 50 m. Dug in and sped back up to 55 seconds or so, and worked a bit harder for the last few laps. Finally looked at my watch at 66 minutes, and wanted to keep going and tweak the stroke a bit more. At 72 minutes I was attacked by the lane ropes as the pool staff started setting up for the family swim. Ended at 73 minutes. Could easily have carried on much longer.


  1. That is a long swim – I admire your stamina.

  2. That is a long swim.

    I can't sleep these days either but my thoughts are with becoming a parent. Ahhhhhhhh!


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