Monday, June 28, 2010

That damn ice cream scooter

The swim plan was littered with "hard" all over it like the white on rice. Now, it just says "hard" a bunch of times but I know perfectly well that what is meant is "HARD!!!!!!". And being the obedient sort that I am, I went hard. Lots. Often. Afen. (Do you know what it is to be an awfen? Sorry, guess which comic opera just went through my mind.)

I should have coordinated my plan with the girl swimming in the next lane and we could have taken turns drafting. She swims the same speed I do, but does an open turn so I pass her doing a flip turn. Keeping up, or trying to stay ahead was great fun. My inner shark came out to play again, which is nice to see. He cruised along, critiquing my stroke, and hers though there isn't much to say there. 1 hr.

To tell the truth I did not feel much like running this evening. Still, I headed out there. (obedient, that's me.) Stretched a bit, especially the hams. They were tight. Walked a bit to warm up and started with an easy run. At first the run was everything I feared it would be; plodding, slow, heavy, joggly. Which didn't help the sloshy tummy.

But a funny thing happened just after 10 minutes in. My stride evened out and picked up a bit. I found I was running along at my old "slow and steady pace". A while later things got better and I was running faster with less effort. Breathing was high zone 2 at the most. The slosh went away. I started really enjoying the run. It was a beautiful evening out, warm, sunny, with a bit of a breeze. A nice night for a run. Except for the ice cream truck and the ding dong songs it plays. I've often thought the drivers of those little scooters are either functionally deaf or have really good hearing protection, and must have done something terrible in a previous lifetime. From about the one quarter mark I could hear the truck. Sometimes louder, sometimes quieter, but always there. Grrrr.

Ran 45 minutes, maybe 6.5 K and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. My legs felt pretty good by the end. I could have run longer but there were beginning to be some reminders that they had worked really hard yesterday, and weren't out of the hole yet, but were just doing me this favour.

Walked and stretched after.


  1. Cool beans - so is it GWN this weekend? Have a FAB time if so :)

  2. "but does an open turn so I pass her doing a flip turn" -- MY OH MY, How much things have changed eh? Hee-hee!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    It's funny how some things REALLY annoy me during a session...sometimes nothing really bothers me, but sometimes, like you said about the ice cream dingle truck, it's like I feel I am going to go crazy! Hahahahahahah!

  3. I geuss there isnt much "easy" in IM traing eh? Sounds like things are coming along. Hopefully we can meet up this weekend at the carb dinner or raceday!


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