Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A surprise. Well, no, I guess not after all

My cold is much better today. Well enough to go to work, where people liked my voice. Well enough even to ride on the trainer for a half hour, doing easy spin, with some spin ups and some one leg drill. Not too much. Just enough to get my legs moving.

Then yoga. Lots of new people in class. I have to say, it's just as well we didn't do much in gas relieving pose. No, not me, the lady next to me. Need I say more?

I thought I'd record a little audio clip of my husky voice. After futzing around in Garageband I finally got a nice little clip. Posting it here has defeated me. I don't want a podcast, I don't want to make you guys subscribe, I don't want to make you guys do anything but click a button, if you should so choose, and hear the audio. Grrrr.


  1. Sometimes blogger is so freekin' difficult! Did you try to save it in Quicktime? That might work. (I make no promises? I'm just trying to think about what might fool blogger into uploading it as a videoclip).

    LOL at the "gas relieving pose." I thought that applied to almost all yoga poses.

  2. Ooooh...nice raspy voice. Not that I know what your voice sounds like "un-raspy."

    Inflict! Inflict!

  3. Well, what i started to say, Keef, before I was so RUDELY interrupted by a power outage, is that Sun Runner accomplished this sound byte thing by uploading the file to filefreak, which I'm pretty sure is free, then linking to it in her blog.

    Be sure to make it available for listening for all. She didn't the first couple of times and had all sorts of problems.

    Up to you if it's worth the effort.


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