Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting tore in.

Picture it. There I am, wandering out onto the pool deck, half awake, smiling hello at the lifeguards. I know I need a pull buoy so I take the long way around to start at the deep end. This has become normal. More than half the pool is full of floaties. In the two lanes that are left people have arranged themselves sensibly. There are three swimmers in each of the lanes that are left. 3 slower, and three faster. By some miracle they have segregated themselves correctly. I know I have a zillion 200's to do, each faster than the one before, with the last 3 at 90+% effort. So I get in with the faster swimmers.  I know I can just keep up with them if I work it.

The warm up was timed so I didn't have to go full steam right away. That got me tuned into who was slightly faster or slower. The first set of 200's wasn't bad, strong effort, trying to swim well. I swim slightly faster than two of the guys, and slower than the other guy. We're all good about passing at the ends. I think everybody is doing intervals.

The second set I got tore in and worked it hard. I was leading the pack at one point and trying to stay ahead. Fast guy passed me anyway. I don't think it's Mr Outboard since he can pass me without any problem and this guy looked like he was working a bit. I slowed down a touch so we'd both have room to turn, then I hammered it to stay in the draft. That lasted one length. Did I say he has a fast flip turn? I was nearly seeing stars on the last one.

The third set I was trying to be very strong, but also really thinking about technique. By now the two slower guys had left. We thrashed up and down the lane. I was getting pretty tired at the end but timed the last one and went all out. The other guy passed me anyway though it took more than a length. Coach gets the time, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Both of us were doing cool down and cruising back and forth. Still passing the people in the slower lane. About this time Mr. Elegant showed up. Chatted with him very briefly and he took over the lane when I left. My lungs had that hollow feel they get when I've been working them hard. My arms were tired. One hour.

The run was 45 minutes. Not sure how far. It took maybe a K to settle into a pace near the bottom of zone 3, and ran well there. A couple light rain showers happened during the run but most of it was sunny. Feet and legs feel good. Walked to warm up and cool down, stretched after.

I'm starting to get my stuff together for Wasa this weekend. The idea of getting the Zoot pack and keeping all tri stuff in it when I'm not actively using it has turned out great. I found some tubes I'd forgot I had and a few other goodies. It's going to be a busy week.

And no, the title is not a mistake or a misprint. It's an actual phrase. I learned it from a book, but anyone from a particular background might know it. Any guesses?


  1. All looking good for the weekend - yehaaaa! Go keith! Looking forward to a good fun day of racing :)

  2. Hmmmm, no guesses on the title. Though I didn't think it was a misprint either.

    Great job on the swim!!!!!

  3. ended up getting a pull bouey myself, now i can cut it up to the size i want it to be :-)


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