Thursday, April 8, 2010

Allegro snow

And the snow/hail/wind *is* pretty darn allegro right now. Linda was saying it was near whiteout conditions while I was downstairs on the bike.

No, the allegro is the music I was listening to during core and bike. I've decided to work through all the songs in my iPod, in alphabetical order. 4521 songs, 12.2 days, 19.72 GB. Today I got to the allegros.

I know some of you are horrified at my choice for bike music. Let me put it this way, baroque music from the early 1700's is what I think of as 'middle aged' music. The oldest songs on my iPod are from the 1300's or so. By my standards Elvis and the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are wild and crazy new music. Much of what follows hurts my ears. I digress.

The day started with a swim. A time trial swim. A 1500 m time trial swim. My coach wants to figure out where my fitness is after my long sickness, and slackitude. Well, it wasn't as good as I hoped, and not as bad as I feared. Things went to pot from about 1700m to 1.1K or so, with some truly horrible flip turns, but I got it back together to finish strong. What with warm up and cool down, that was 45 minutes.

The girl in the red swimsuit in my lane is a cheater! She normally swims just a hair faster than me. There I am, churning through my swim, she's doing pull, and coasting along behind me. Lap after lap. Not that I minded, it was giving me incentive to stay strong. But if I'd had my wits about me, I'd have let her pass, and drafted her. Or is that cheating for a time trial? During my cool down I was drafting her, and she was going faster than I felt like going for cool down.

The core was per plan, about 20 minutes. The bike was a good solid hour, feeling pretty good, but there's still a long way to go to get back to what I think of as normal. I got off a bit earlier than planned because I suddenly got really really hungry, and my legs starting getting all crampish on me. Those two things happened almost exactly the same time, so I suspect they're related. I cooled down, then ate.

Work has a locker room and showers. And a place to lock up bikes. It's mere feet from a bike path that will take me home, if I make all the right turns. And some left turns, come to think of it. It's a nice ride.

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  1. Musically? Whatever floats your boat, mah Kanadian bruvva! It's all just purdy sounds when it comes down to it and who am I to say what you ought to find purdy?


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