Friday, February 26, 2010

138, 140, 149!

Thursday core was all good, even the plank, though it was getting killer near the end. For whatever reason the tricep dips were the tough thing. This and stretching after the bike was 30 minutes.

Bike was short and intense. 3x10 gradually increasing intensity ending up on the edge of anerobic. First one was in time trial gear ending up about 100 rpm. The next was in one harder gear, but slightly slower rpm, and the last was same gear, but pushing hard. There were some cadence sets in between, but my legs were done so I skipped the last one and went to directly to cool down. 1.25 hrs.

Friday, zoomed off to the pool first thing. Yes Missy, I was awake at 4 (no alarm clock) ready to go. If the pool had been open I would have been in it. Felt strong in the water today, but not especially smooth. Only got the water feel when I was about half done. Most of the flip turns just sucked. There are days I think I need a refresher. Or I just need to do another million of them and I'll get the hang of it. 60 minutes. Chatted very briefly to the guy sharing my lane. He's training for the Oliver Half and makes my swim look slow. In the next lane there was a tiny woman doing mostly kick drill that was faster than most people swim, and her freestyle made me look pokey. I was in the right place at the right time to watch her flip turn, but I think I blinked or something and it was done almost before it started. I had some fast sets and was hustling to try to keep up. I can feel it in my lungs now. Good workout.

Normally I'd run, but likely won't get the time. I've been nursing the IT band, but no idea how it's doing.


  1. "138, 140, 149"

    Is that how Kanadians count? Because if so, that's f*cked up. I guess it goes with km thing.

  2. What is a time trial gear? I've meant to ask you before when I've read it in one of your other posts...

    I too, am mystified by the post title. Hmmmmm.... Whatever could it be Mr. Keith? Hee-hee!!

  3. Is it your heartrate?

    Funny about blinking and missing the flipturn. You'll bget yours, takes lots of practice and effort. And putting effort into flipturns when you're in the middle of an anaerobic set ain't easy-my flipturn form is usually the first to go for me when I'm tired.

  4. I'm with Carpe. What the hell kinda counting is THAT, mister?

  5. crap - i cant even do a flipturn.

  6. And he doesn't even bother to give us an answer in regards to the post title. Glad his readers are so important to him.

  7. T'aint counting. It's my heart rate at the end of the 10 minute sets.

    I'm not sure what time trial gear is supposed to be. When *I* use that term it means a gear where I can pedal for the required time, without puking or feeling like a slacker after.

  8. 138, 140, 149??

    You woke up at 4 am without an alarm? That's crazy! Great job on the swim.

  9. Cool training Mr C - way to go! And hey if you could do everything now, there'd be nothing to go for :)

  10. I can't believe you can wake up WITHOUT an alarm clock at 4am. I am impressed, nevermind the awesome swim workout.


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