Monday, January 18, 2010

Under the weather

Friday with Susi here was great, and we didn't even go that late. I had pool snuffle pretty bad. Saturday was busy getting ourselves ready for our first SCA event in a very long time; it's been about 15 years we think. Although there is a local newsletter from 1999 in the box holding our feast gear. None of the events listed ring any bells. The local Barony is celebrating the 30th running of it's 12th Night, and they had the nice thought of inviting some of the inactive people who were prominent locally. Yes, that would be me, making a hairy nuisance of myself for a bunch of people. The Baron and Baroness sent a very nice calligraphed invitation and comped us the event, so how could we say no? It was kind of fun digging out jewelry and garb, and getting ready to go. We ended up seeing some people who were dear friends that we've gradually drifted away from, and it was very nice to get caught up again. Thus the photo in the article below of us in strange clothing. Little pool snuffle, but we stayed up late.

The Loose Moose was the first person to mostly get it right. If she sends me her address, I'll send her one of our famous restorative chocolate chip cookies. Apply to Mr. Moose for an explanation of any of the words above that didn't make sense. Irontish got pretty close. Toontown is small enough that she probably knows some of the locals that are involved. Copiarverborum got it bang on and we've exchanged email about it.

Sunday is normally my brick at Try-it, but we had a book club meeting. The timing is just such that I wouldn't be done in time for the meeting. Yeah I know, the hard core of you are going, book club, what book club? Get with the program and get your ass on the bike! Life is balance, guys. I've been friends with these people for nearly 20 years now. Besides, I had every intention of getting up a bit early for the bike and run. My body thought otherwise. I wouldn't call what I did sleeping in, but I'm not sure what I should call it. This has gone beyond pool snuffle, and I now think I'm fighting off a cold. We had a nice book club meeting. We've just started a blogger book club , you're welcome to drop in. No, really, we've just started so don't feel that you've missed anything. We're still figuring out how it's going to work. Your comments are welcome.

So, the hardcorista's of you are saying (I can hear you, you know) why not get it done after the meeting? Well, it turns out that Linda's sister is coming into town for business, and we don't get to see her that often. The plane arrives at 4:30. I picked her up, and Linda made supper. Yes, we were all drooling. So no workouts on Sunday. Maybe just as well.

Weekly Summary
Swim 3.0 hrs
Bike 3.5 hrs (down ~2 hrs)
Run 2.75 hrs (down ~.5 hr)
Walk 1.0 hrs
Core 3.0 hrs
Total 13.25 hrs

Monday, a new week.
Still snuffly and fighting off a cold. Headed for the pool anyways, thinking that maybe a good sinus back flush with pool water, rinsed with a steam bath would feel good. Maybe so. Felt weak and feeble through the 45 minute swim. Turns out 50's on 65 s are nice, on 60 was a bit of a struggle, and I barely hung on for on 55 s. I was seeing stars at the end, and breathing every other stroke. I'd given up on flip turns because I needed the air. Most of them were between 45 and 50 s, with things getting a bit fuzzy toward the end, so I don't know exactly how long they were.

What had me wondering if I was really up for a swim at first was seeing a gorilla in the change room. Yes, a real live low land gorilla. That's what my eyes were telling my brain. It took several minutes of covert peeking to realize it was just an unusually large, unusually hairy guy, not a well behaved gorilla.

The run was a shambles. I haven't run that slow or that badly for a long time now. Even running slow and easy I was out of breath and my heart rate was way up. Easy is a bit of a misconception too, since I was plodding along in a very ungraceful way. Called that a day at 30 minutes and walked back to the house.


  1. colds dont hurt! eeek. hope you feel better.

    oddly a few days ago for my birthday the resa took me out for sushi to celebrate our run and my birthday. normally i get the california roll and some other odd things like shrimp or some egg thingy. but she wanted to order up a special birthday thing. so i got the Cleveland Steamer or something similar. was sick the next day. but... all better now! :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about the damn pool snuffle...

    Hang in there and take care of the bod so you can kick that cold to the curb where it belongs. :)

  3. Sounds like you are sick. I hope you can rest and recover quickly. Maybe Linda can make you some homemade chicken noodle soup? Come to think of it, maybe she can make me some too.... :)

    Feel better.

  4. Doesn't "bang on" beat "mostly?" I mean, yeah, LooMoo said part of it first, but I said all of it 2nd. Don't I get a Kanadian kookie?

    Go ahead, LooMoo, revel in your win.

  5. What on earth is SCA? Sounds like something I have to google.

    Sorry to hear the pool snuffle is sticking around. Hopefully you are better by Sunday's brick as I'm planning to go to Katie's last class!

  6. Vivat!!! Huzzah!!!! I ROCK!!!! I have few talents, but recognizing SCA garb is at the top of my list. Kimcheegirl and her Kanadian husband D. sucked the Mr. Moose into SCA a few years back. Teh Boy Moose does it, too, but thus far I've managed to opt out. They've been inactive for awhile, though. Too many "rhino hides"??? If you lived closer Mr. Moose might just be your BFF. I'd shun you, for sure, though. You SCA types are even whackier than runners, and that's going some. ;)

  7. And just ONE restorative chocolate chip cookie? It'd have to be an even dozen before I'd ever reveal my address. I'm greedy like that.

  8. I'll bet I've been inactive longer than they have, Loose Moose. So I guess that means I'm not whacky any more. Wait, I took up triathlon. Hmmmmm.

    A dozen!! There are people out there who would drive to Calgary, to our very house to pick up the dozen cookies, lay offerings at the feet of whoever made them, furtively check the cookie jar to see if they could snaffle some extras, even more furtively (Look, a polar bear!) scope out the wine cellar, and then depart happy. Well, Linda would probably feed them first, she has a thing for strays, which is how I got this gig, to say nothing about being particularly susceptible to the BDD technique. I'm weak like that.

    I think you underestimate the powers of a restorative cookie.

  9. The chocolate chip cookie is an Amerikan invention, mister, so your Kanadian version is bound to be - how shall I word this? - substandard. But I am a kind and munificent cyberbloggerbuddy so i will force myself to relieve you of one dozen of your feeble attempts. You're welcome.

    And that's a baker's dozen, of course. Goes without saying...


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