Friday, January 15, 2010

There was an amazing sight during the run today

Friday's schedule for me depends on what Linda's schedule is. She doesn't work Fridays, but ends up scheduling stuff. So I got dropped off at the pool at 6:15 am. I shared a lane with M, who's a regular, swimming almost every day. It used to be that I could barely keep up with her. Today I passed her even though she was wearing fins and paddles, though I had to work at it. I had a good feel for the water, so that 600 m set ended up at 11 minutes exactly. I'm really liking the pull these days. Worked on stroke mechanics and seemed to be doing fairly well. I did an extra 100 m of backstroke to make it an even 3K in 64 minutes.

From the pool I walked 45 minutes home, changed, and headed out for the run. It was still cold enough to see my breath on the air so I put a wind breaker over the long sleeve tech shirt. The first half was with the wind, nice and easy to start, then into a half marathon pace. The way back was into the wind, and I was aiming for a 10 K pace. For some odd reason my heart rate was 5-10 bpm lower than what I expected based on my breathing, pace, perceived effort. That made it difficult to hit my expected pace, but then I went with it and went more by perceived effort. This was 60 minutes of fun goodness on tired legs. I had to push to finish.

The amazing sight was a guy on a unicycle on the bike path. The hilly, ice and snow covered bike path. He was going along pretty good, gradually pulling away from me even during the fastest part of my run. I was seriously impressed.

At the moment Linda is teaching Susi how to make the famous alternate wheat ginger recovery cookies. [Look, a polar bear! Snatch. QA purposes, of course.] We've pigged out on sushi already, the cookies are baking, and a bottle of wine is open. This is gonna be good.


  1. I think it would be so cool to learn how to unicycle, I have always have respect for those that can just whip around on one!

    Good for you for finishing the run, finishing the runs that are a struggle is such a sense of accomplishment.

  2. HI SUSI AND LINDA! Can I come over?!?!?! You really know how to get your readers hungry (and jonesing for a glass of wine). Have a great weekend!

  3. I met a woman at the Pincher pool who (as a family) are learning to unicycle!! How cool is that!!!! :) :)

    COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!! :) :)

  4. Linda needs to start a cooking blog or post some recipes or something. OR just mail them to me!!

  5. Crazy, I saw a guy with a unicycle in my neighborhood this winter!!!! I wonder if it could be the same guy? Do lots of people do this in winter? Compared to him my winter running is like.... normal! Wow Keith your training is comin along, I'm looking forward to cheering you on in IMC this year. I really do aim this year to go and volunteer since I'm not doing that one.

  6. Are they the cookies I had? If so, they're GORGEOUS!

  7. Sushi and wine- sounds like our Friday night!
    Too bad we all can't join you guys for freshly baked cookies...mmmmmmm...

  8. it was a BRILLIANT day!! i had an amazing time with linda at yoga, the sushi was great, the cookies were to die for - yes, i ate more when i got home. i think i'll need to run a marathon tomorrow to work it off! haha. thanks guys for a day to remember! xoxoxo

  9. No way! I saw a guy on a unicycle on my long run last weekend!


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