Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pity it wasn't race day

Above zero!!! Yahoo! Although it wasn't quite warm enough for shorts and a T shirt, I was tempted. I ended up wearing tights and a long sleeved tech shirt. That was just barely warm enough for when I got down into Fish Creek. It's always colder down there.

For about the first time I made a gradual build work for me. It's still not quite what the plan said, but fairly close. Close for me anyway. Plan was 10 min easy, 10 min a bit quicker, 10 min quicker still, 10 at half marathon pace, last 10 at the same pace as the second 10 minutes worth.

What I actually did was 10 min easy (~120 bpm), 10 medium (~130 bpm) then settled into a really nice stride at ~140 bpm. I lost track of time and didn't turn around at 25 minutes, but caught myself for 30. Kept going at the same pace for 30 minutes because it felt so fricking good! That and to be running outside in warm sunny weather. Did the last 10 minutes back at the 130 bpm pace, and got back to my starting place within a few seconds of 60 minutes, for almost exactly 9 K, per Google Earth.

I found a good stride right off, and had a good comfortable stride for the entire run. My legs felt relaxed and strong. It turns out I had good landmarks for the 30 minutes of the fastest part of the run, and my pace turns out to be just a hair slower than a 6 minute K (4.95 K). Keep in mind that 30 minutes included running out of Fish Creek, up the hill. Yet I was running easily, with light feet, good breathing, nice stride, and could have gone on much longer at that pace. I almost had to force myself back to a slower pace for the last 10 minutes.

For a nice bonus, I saw two deer in the park. They watched me carefully, but didn't run away. They were maybe 10 feet away. And, even better, I panicked a geezer! In Coop, he was doddering along ahead of me a bit. A lady came out of an aisle somewhat ahead of me and to my right. She was walking quietly, and fairly quickly. I was walking at my normal get out of my way or I'll trample you pace, with my wet shoes squeaking firmly with every step. A few steps back, as she and I closed in on him like sharks after prey, he heard me, and darted to the right, and mostly bumped into her, since she was a step ahead of me. I think she gave him the elbow, but I'm not sure. This time he shoulder checked before jumping out of her way, and saw me bearing down on him. He turned sideways, and tried to make himself small, while muttering an apology to the lady. Both of us sailed past. She headed for the deli section, and I headed for the cashier. Life is good.

Yoga tonight, and last week we got to put in requests for poses. So tonight shouldn't be too brutal at all. I'd asked for the pose that's a really good psoas stretch. Pigeon pose? I think that's what it's called.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic run, I love it when it all comes together like that!
    I can't believe you saw two deer that close!

  2. A blissful run -- and in warmish weather too. :) :) :)

    What is it with old people? There's this old dude at the pool who has decided I need swimming advice. EGAD. I feel like making a placard and whipping it out when confronted by someone who doesn't know what the hell they're talking about:

    "If you swim slower than me, I don't want your advice."

  3. Now I didn't know that was called a pigeon pose - I do that one regularly!

    But hey, Julie, don't always not listen to those slower they might have a real gem if they're the learning kind.....though the bloke at the pool doesn't sound like one full of great advice - hahahaha!


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