Sunday, August 9, 2009

A spectator / sherpa virgin no more

Today I actually watched my first triathlon. Oh, I've seen bits of races before, mostly races I was participating in, but I've never watched the whole thing. Nor have I ever really sherpa'ed for someone.

Last night Cath and Jase came to visit, and Cath did the Chaparrell Oly today. We first met them out at Canmore and had a great time hanging out together. Last night we chatted up a storm and it was only when we all yawned at once that we remembered one of us had a race the next day.

We were down to race site in good time. Spectators could go into transition, so we watched Cath get set up. I was very interested to watch her put her shoes on the bike, and use elastic bands to hold them in the right place. The female Oly athletes were the first off at 8am. Cath was second out of the water, a few minutes back of this girl we figure is part dolphin. She struggled a bit in transition, then was off for the bike.

It was interesting to sit and watch the 5 lap course happen. You could tell who was an experienced rider and who wasn't. Cath traded places with another girl for 2nd and 3rd a few times, then left her behind on the run. We could see people going past the finish line for the first lap. Again, that was surprisingly interesting watching the different running styles. One girl we thought was in the Oly must have had a really slow swim and bike, but was eating runners alive. Maybe she was part of a team.

I also saw Adrian and Alex starting their Oly, and later I saw Dan running. I didn't see him afterward so I don't know which race he did. Cath earned second female overall! She won some prize money which had all of us excited. There were a ton of prizes given out, but none for Cath. Oh well. We humped her stuff back to the car, and to a wonderful lunch at home.

It was really enjoyable helping someone else and watching their race, and not have to pay particular attention to course details or other race stuff. I could pick up the atmosphere without any of the race jitters. It was a nice day to hang out and watch, though I fear I would get a spectating fail grade from Susi, since I haven't lost my voice. I can see where the winning female would feel a bit bummed out. Jase and I were the majority of spectators when she crossed the line. No photographer. No announcer. A couple bored volunteers.

My recovery is going well. My calves tightened up a bit standing so much today, but I stretched them out and I'm feeling itchy to get back on the workout trail. There are some swims and bikes on the agenda for next week, but no running aside from the Chi class.


  1. Isn't it a blast to spectate? I did my first stint last year at the Fort Macleod tri and I just about passed out from heatstroke. But I couldn't stop cheering, I was having so much fun! Hahahahaha!

    Just got a call from Cath and Jase -- they should be stopping by my place any minute now! EEEE!! YAY CATH!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

  2. i love spectating! it's darn hard work the longer the race is, but it's such an honour to be there. good on cath for having such a great race!

  3. Gosh I feel like we had a similiar day yesterday. I volunteered at a tri and loved it. I agree about being around all the athletes but not feeling nervous...that was nice.

    Way to go to your friend Cath!!!!

  4. Congrats to Cath!

    So, you like to watch, is what you're saying. Can't say that surprises me.

    I read the theory you expounded on my blog today. Sorry, I don't buy it, for reasons that should be self-evident.

    If they're not self-evident to you, well ... there's another reason right there.

    But nice try, thanks for playing, and enjoy those parting gifts.

  5. Spectating is hard work. But it is fun and intersting to watch the commotion when you are not in the middle of it!!
    Way to go Cath!!


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