Sunday, August 16, 2009

A hurried blog

The reason I'm hurried? There's a nice post-run bowl of BC blackberry cobbler waiting for me. We had some after dinner last night, and it was mmm-mmmm good.

Easy run today. Half hour warm up walk gradually increasing speed. Ran 5 K nice and easy, with a break in the middle to talk to a buddy I haven't seen for a while. Then a 10 min cool down, followed by some stretching. A significant part of the run was done breathing through my nose as a way of keeping my speed down. A comfortable pace for my legs was just at that transition between nose breathing, and needing to breath through my mouth every now and then. I wanted to work back into this running thing nice and easy. My calfs have felt tight ever since the race, and haven't particularly felt better from the rest. If anything they are tightening up even more. The run felt good.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.0 hr
Bike 1.5 hr
Run 2.5 hr
Total 6.0 hr

I suppose I need to annotate that a little. The bike was all easy spin pretty well. The running was a Chi Running class that included some standing around, but also some hill running. Overall, the running was all easy effort.

Next week I'll increase the time a little bit more; I'm still looking for some longer rides. *IF* the weather cooperates! It's been cool and cloudy with periodic showers. I'll put up with that on a ride if the workout plan calls for it, but during my off-plan period, when I'm supposed to be having fun? NOT! But neither do I want to get back on the spin trainer.


  1. I agree. Boo to the trainer. and boo to the crappy weather-this is technically still summer, doesn't madame nature know that?!?!

    I think I will be dreaming about that cobbler tonight...

  2. Because trainer are the suck! Mmm Cobbler good. I need to make me some. Sounds killer good.

  3. We will have many many hours on those trainers in the coming months. hopefully I can suck it up and ride outside far into the fall...

  4. Keep away from that trainer as long as you can -- Gad, there's nothing more demoralizing than having to climb aboard that sucker when it is supposed to be summer!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!

    Mind you, I like my Computrainer...Hee-hee! :) :)

  5. I thought I hated running in the rain. And then it hit the upper 90s this weekend & threatens to continue there for the beginning of this week, at least - if not longer.

    Only now do I understand the true meaning of hate.

    Well, that's not entirely true. Because I also hate pie. All pie. (Except pi, because to hate that would be irrational. HAR!)

    But yeah, even all-American apple pie. I just don't care for it.

    But I'm not judging you for your pie-lurve.



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