Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coming back from recovery

Easy spin today, timing it before the rain, 45 min nice and easy around the neighbourhood, visiting my bank and checking on a buddy's house while he's on vacation. I felt so virtuous riding instead of driving. Then a nice half hour walk. Calves are still a bit tight, so the running will wait a bit. Trying to be better about the amounts I eat. It will be tough tomorrow, I'll be having coffee with a buddy at one of my fave places to eat. Their squares are nearly the size of your head, and very tasty.


  1. Wait. "Square" whats? More to the point, how are their dodecahedrons? (I hate when they're overcooked. So few places can make a decent dodecahedron.)

    WAIT, Part II! Did you just kertwang me by calling my head square? I'll have you know it's definitely rhombus-shaped!1! And I am PROUD of this fact so GET IT RIGHT!1!


  2. let me guess...lazy loaf? haha. i keep thinking i should ride my bike around town more. grab the backpack and fill it with groceries etc. hmmmmm...

  3. I am SO bad about the amounts I eat. I just keep shoveling it in until I feel ready to burst. Great recovery workouts - you're doing everything right. :)


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