Monday, July 27, 2009

A pooly swim

Not much to say here. I had an appointment in the far NE for 9am, so even though it wasn't on the schedule, I thought I'd hit the pool. I mostly tried to relax in the water and not think about meeting. Did some golfs, and was happily surprised at the time, even though the number of strokes was up a bit. I felt fairly strong in the water, which might be why I kept losing lane mates. People would join, swim a few laps, I'd pass them, and they'd swim elsewhere. Then KickingGirl joined. She does lots of kick only drill, and she is very fast. Her front crawl isn't much quicker, and is very splashy.

In spite of being well prepared, the meeting did not go well. They hadn't done their home work and it was essentially a waste of time. Sigh. I'll run tomorrow, with any luck before it rains.


  1. A girl who does mostly kicking drills? Ugh, I hate kicking! Sorry to hear the meeting didn't go that well!

  2. Good job on the swim! I am going to TRY to get to an outdoor pool today...I keep saying that but never do...should really try to get in the water before sun as I have not been for 2 weeks...oops...and thanks for the report on Ghost Lake!
    Still...Can't WAIT!!

  3. Hate waste of time meetings...GAH!

    In a completely unrelated comment. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment about your wife reading "decorating porn" made me laugh! I'm more into fitness and running magazine porn myself. LOL.

  4. Keep kickinggirl around - she's good to make all those splashes and help to reacreate open water swim atmoshphere!

  5. Sorry that the appt didn't go well, I hate feeling like I wasted my time.

    Funny about the kicky girl in the pool.....I'm glad you felt stronger! Good luck on your run!


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