Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Feeling much better today. Some rest, some stretching, a good session of rollering and late yesterday my legs felt back to normal, or almost so.

Today's run was nice. It was warm and sunny, like it's supposed to be. Ran 80 minutes. Warmed up running easy for 30 minutes, legs feeling great. 3 x 8 minute hard aiming for half IM pace. Only, I goofed on the middle one. (Hangs head in shame.) I went 9 minutes on that one, since the run was so smooth and strong I didn't really notice how the time passed. Ran easy for 3 minutes in between. The route was an out and back down into Fish Creek, but I've no idea how far I went. At one point I was a few steps away from a deer of some kind. It didn't run from me, but didn't take it's yes from me either. It was very small, and I think quite young.

Took a bit of water, and slurped a gel at the 29 minute mark. My legs felt strong throughout. Had a bit of a niggle on the outside of my left heel, but nothing much. I'm pretty confirmed as a mid sole strike, so it's not as though I'm pounding my heels into the ground with every step. However it could be a new thing I tried. I finally got around to putting the elastic laces into my shoes, and they might have been just a smidgeon tight, so after the run I loosened them up. I've never had a problem with the New Balance laces; they've never come undone on me. But it's very possible that race day will be chilly, and it's hard to tie laces with cold fingers.

Stretched well after, and did some self massage, working on calf and heel. As I write this evening, my heel is still a bit tender, and my legs don't want to stretch forward, but that's pretty typical.


  1. Nice! Sounds like you have a great run! I've been pondering the thought of those types of laces - just to speed things up in transition. But I'm so old school - not sure if I can make that change!

  2. Hi Keith! Glad to hear you are unblah. I liked your saying last post about a pancake. Very funny.

    I dig the speedlaces, very frozen-figer friendly. Of course they look very dorky, but heck, so does running in a Speedo.

  3. could be like me and never untie your shoes...i know - me bad. In transition I just slip the suckers on without untying them in the first place and off I go...faster that a lightning bolt!! I like my shoes loose so my feet can swell like bread dough arising!!

  4. I was a little skeptical of the stretchy laces, too, but they're great in a race!
    Lol, Melissa. So true.

  5. I can't believe that you haven't switched over to the elastic laces yet!!! WTF?? That is where you save the most time in transition. Like Jenna said, you have your shoes all tied and ready to go, so then you just slip them on and take off.

    There is nothing dorky about saving time in transition! You have worked so hard to get fitter and faster for both the bike and run this year; it is very wise to capitalize on that training and not fool around tying your shoes in transition. :) :)

  6. I have forgotten how to tie my shoes!

  7. I can't believe you didn't notice where you were in your speedwork. I am constantly checking my watch. That's awesome!


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