Thursday, June 11, 2009

The bugs! And not the software kind

The swim this am was good. 45 min, plus another 15 in the dive tank. I had a lane to myself for most of it. Did a nice warm up, trying to swim a good stroke. Then some drill, and that went a bit better than yesterday. Golf 81, 82, 83, which is better than I've done for a while. Did some intervals, and that was so-so. Didn't seem to have much wind for swimming today.

The bike was a nice 70K loop out 22X, down 22, across 549, and up 773. It was another windy day, and it was in my face just about the entire ride. The bugs were in my face too. And arms, and legs. I ate a few. I had a bumble bee bounce off my hand. I've no idea what happened to him, since I didn't stop. There was something big moving around inside my helmet moving around for a while. I couldn't do anything about it as I was going up that big hill just before turning left onto 773. Nothing flew out when I took the helmet off at home, and nothing dead washed out of my hair, so I guess that one ended up ok. Washed lots of bug guts off my exposed skin. I guess they hit me and stick on the sunscreen. It drowns them if the impact doesn't get them.

Pushed the ride fairly good, trying to stay steady and strong. Average speed ended up being just a hair under 26 Kph, but that includes an easy warmup, and a bit of a cool down. 2.75 hr for the loop. Totally beautiful day for a ride.

I'm not really happy with how my helmet fits. No matter what I've done it slithers around. My last Bell helmet just popped onto my head and stayed there, no fuss, no muss. I almost didn't need the chin strap. So, anybody looking for a new large Louis Garneau helmet, red?


  1. DAYUM I hate that! LG helmets have a great replacement policy if you crack it - found out the hard way myself. But if it's just not right...

  2. Do all the bugs mean that Spring has arrived?? We will worry about summer at a later date!

  3. LMAO at "There was something big moving around inside my helmet moving around for a while." Hahahahaha!! Gotta LOVE that feeling, eh? One time I took my helmet off after a long bike ride and a fly flew out of it -- NICE!! :) :)

    Maybe your head has lost weight? Hahahah -- Is that even possible? Hee-hee!! Enjoy the sun!! :) :)


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