Friday, February 27, 2009

A toothy update, (no gross pics)

Reaction was mixed to the original set of pics of my teeth. The ones taken after my crash and before the dentist, and the comparison shots after the dentist. One squeemish person who shall remain nameless nearly screamed out the windows, and probably still has nightmares about them. A few others were EEEWWWWW! Others were pretty interested, one even blew up the pictures out of professional interest.

So, none of that today. All they did was pried off the temporary filling, pulled out the wad of medicine, checked out the hole, dried things a bit, squirted a tiny dab of ultra-pure Portland cement into it, topped it up with whatever they normally use for that, and put on the permanent cap. No anesthetic needed, no muss, no fuss. I snoozed.

I snoozed because this was after a hard swim. At Canyon Meadows. The smell of the drains nearly made me chunder right there in the shower room. But the pool was nearly empty. I had a lane to myself. Warmed up. Did some drill. Settled into 15 x 50 m hard intervals on 1:15. During the drills a couple guys showed up and took over the next lane. They swam just a little faster than I did during the intervals. My inner shark woke up with a start. He'd dozed off during the drill. I started pushing really hard to keep up with them. I started the intervals at 50 seconds. The encouragement of my inner shark drove that down to 46 to 48 seconds each. I was pretty tired at the end. Did some more drill. The golf scores are doing really well. Did 79 twice, 80, and 82. Cooled down. Did some backstroke. That was 1 hour, then .25 hr in the dive tank working on core. Used to be that when I hung on the side of the tank, with just the tips of my fingers over the lip, and my legs out at 90 degrees to the wall, then tried to rotate them around to each side in turn, I used to be able to only go about 45 degrees. Now I can just touch the wall with the side of my foot.

The number is a slightly heavy 224. Maybe I should have taken all the change, my phone, and my wallet out of my pockets.

Went for a short run this afternoon. I missed the warmest part of the day, and it was starting to freeze up again. Ran 40 minutes steady. Didn't wear my heart monitor. Ran hard enough that I was still breathing easily, but not gasping or panting. I could have talked, at least a bit. Did a bit of stretching and a 5 min walk to warm up. Did 5 min walk to cool down and 30 minutes, yes THIRTY Greg, stretching. Felt good.

Now I'm drinking a Chilean Malbac red wine that is just coming into it's own. mmmmm. Waiting for the lamb roast to come out of the oven. Gonna be gooooood.


  1. see my blog re regina.... and the word chudder - yeah - it really represents a sense that I can fully understand how gross the drains were.

  2. Mmmmmm, I can smell that roast from here! Mike surprised me with a big batch of chili when I came in from my 2 hour snowshoe! It was delicious! :) :)

    By the way, I waved when I drove through Calgary! :) :)


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