Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reference run

Swim today was pretty good.
6x 250m. Most of these done in 4:30 to 4:40. Arms were getting tired at the end. The rest was 30 to 45 seconds, whatever kept the timing easy. Mostly felt strong and smooth. 45 min in the pool and 15 core.

Breakfast with my buddy Lori D after, getting caught up on professional and fitness stuff. Lots of fun and good to see her again.

Ran about lunch time. A long one. 6 x 15/1, trying to stay all aerobic. Did an out and back, see the map. It turned out to be almost exactly 13 K, and I got back to the starting point with about 15 seconds walking in hand. So technically, it was a negative split, but I worked a lot harder on the way back. The out was pretty steady about 130 bpm, and the way back was closer to 140. Tracked my running cadence and was always between 85 and 90.

Walked 10 min before and after as warm up and cool down, and did lots of stretches. 2 hrs. I'm pretty pleased. Nice and steady. If you do the math it turns out to be just over 8.1 Kph or 7:23 per K. That's really slow for lots of you, but a good pace for me at that heart rate.

Legs felt pretty good after, and did a bit of stretching for hams and achilles and calves during the rest of the afternoon. It was a beautiful day for a run.


  1. Good job!! No such thing as slow...if it is good for you then really, that is all that counts!


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