Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not an Enya bike today

No, it was much harder than that. I brought on the (whispers) Neil Diamond. hahahahaha Susi, gotcha! Of course I didn't. This was a tough one because I couldn't hit spin class tonight, and Greg hadn't let me know what the workout was, so I had to make one up that I hope was hard enough that I won't be ashamed to go back to class. So I dug out the heavy duty rock and roll. Cheap Trick, Queen, Led Zepplin, Rush, Pink Floyd. And others.

But the day started with a slightly creaky swim. Warm up, two sets of drills, a bit of cooldown, then some core work, for a total of just barely 45 min. The drills are beginning to feel a bit more natural, which probably means I'm learning how to cheat. .75 hr altogether.

Bike. Warmed up 15 min. Did some one leg drill, but no accelerations. Did 6 min 15/15 (90-120), then into the dreaded MAP main set. Broke it into 3 smaller sets.
6 x 1 min on 2 min easy. Then, right into the next set on the 2 min easy.
6 x 1.5 min on, 2 min easy, then 5 min easy at the end of the set.
6 x 2 min on, 2 min easy.
10 min cool down, plus some stretching. 2 hrs on bike.

Pushed hard, trying to keep intervals over 100, and some were over 105. Drove my heart rate up to about 75% of max, which is pretty good for me on the bike. Legs were a bit tired at the end, but I wasn't feeling the burn like I was last week. Not sure why. I'm fairly sure I was working harder.


  1. proud of your music choice keith...but, uh, whats wrong with neil?!

    'hands. touching hands. reaching out...'


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