Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MAPs vs sludgy blood

My swim this am was much better than yesterday; a good solid workout.

1000 m warmup, nice and easy 19:35
600 m various drills. My golf scores were 85 and 87.
150 m cool down.
.75 hr in the pool. Then 15 min core work in the dive tank.

I hadn't meant to do so much swimming, but I got in a groove, had a nice stroke going, and lapped the two people sharing a lane a couple of times each. My inner shark buddy showed up for a bit, cruising along, so we hung out. Oddly enough, it was very relaxing and it didn't seem like I was working that hard. My arm feels much better, and my stroke feels stronger. The drills just about did me in though. I was hoping to do 3 sets, but my arms weren't having it. Maybe I should have only done 500 m warmup, but I was well past then before I thought of it.

Then for spin session tonight, I just wasn't in the mood. After the swim, my day turned into a disorganized hodgepodge of back and forth, forgetting stuff, and generally shambling around like a half slaughtered ox. Took a long time on the bike to get warmed up. Like, until the second last MAP interval, when my legs finally woke up. Up till then I was in an easier gear than last week, but could barely push to 100 rpm, and was breathing way too hard for my heart rate. The one leg drill was a mess; I sure hope nobody was watching. The 15/15's were a failure, in that I never got to the 110 rpm goal, not even once. My legs stopped at 105 or so. Abs and core were really tired. 1.75 hr altogether.

If that spin workout is money in the bank, then I'd damn well better be getting a good rate of interest on it!


  1. The first bike workout after a nasty cold is always a killer -- just think, now it's over and your next one will be much better! :) :)

  2. LOL about the money in the bank comment. I'm impressed you stuck with it especially after an early morning swim. Congrats for feeling so strong in the water, those workouts are the best.


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