Monday, February 23, 2009

Held off updating

Swam this am. Long swim.
Warmed up. Did drills. Did some more drills.
400 m swim
more drills
more swim, lost track of time, not sure how far. Several laps in here felt super! It's like I wasn't putting anything into it, and I was speeding along as fast as ever.
Golf score 82 to 85, with the last one 80!
Cool down swim, and by then the lane was empty. 1 hr.
Core workout in dive tank, .25 hr.

I was thinking about doing an easy bike spin this afternoon, but got tied up in other stuff. Then I was hoping to meet a buddy tonight, but that didn't work out. But it's nice to rest. Tomorrow is a big day.

Did a bit of rollering, as I think of it. After my run tomorrow, with strides, I'll plan to spend a bunch of time on the roller. Maybe even before the run too.

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