Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting back to regularly scheduled programming.

Please do not adjust your set. We have been having technical difficulties. The coffee drinkers were very disappointed once they realized the gurgles were *not* the sign coffee was ready, and got a little unruly. The car load of kleenex arrived in good time, as did the special garbage pickup.

My swim this morning was pretty pathetic, but I was happy to be in the pool again. It's like I've forgotten how to swim in 4 days, and my arm was thinking it was still broke. Only a half hour in the water.

Late morning I went out for a half hour, easy run. This went better than the swim, but my feet wanted to go far faster than my lungs or heart were ready for. I kept it nice and slow, experimenting with different gaits, just for fun. I was really happy to be outside again in the fresh air, able to breath again.

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