Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something new

Katie and Chris are hosting a spin, bike, and core class on Sundays. This is my usual long workout day, so I thought I'd give it a try. The spin was 1.5 hrs, with lots of short bits in it so the time went by really quick. The fun part was wondering what time we should call Shannon, and ask where he was. And Katie's friend T falling for me, almost head over heels, can't forget that.

Then onto the run. All I can say is that Katie's idea of an easy warm up run, nice and aerobic, is practically at my limits. Chris very graciously took it easy and stayed with me as I chugged along at the back of the pack. At one point we could see Katie in the lead, long legs stretched out, picking up and whirling the snow around in the wind of her passage. It was a beautiful day for a run, with lots of people out on the pathway. Which is a bit odd for me. Since I started running, during my outside runs if I see 2 or 3 serious runners, that's crowded. Today I saw that in in the first few minutes.

Then onto something I don't do enough of, core work. Katie set up some work out stations with various exercises. I broke into a cold sweat (everything up till now had been a hot sweat, which is something else entirely.) when I saw her put a sketch with the words 'Push ups' onto one of the mats. Oh dear. The other ones weren't too bad, though planking for 30 seconds just about did me in. I wimped out on the push ups and did the weenie ones from the knees, not toes. Even so, my elbow made some protesting noises. They all thought it was one of the fans rattling which was very nice of them, I must say. I did 3, very slowly. Then some stretching after.

It was an excellent workout, even if the run pushed me a little harder than I really should go just yet. I'll join them periodically, depending on how my schedule goes.

Kelly and other coffee fans might want to skip this para. My dental hygienist is wonderful, but always gives me shit about stain buildup, and says coffee and tea are just about the worst. (Let's not hear anything about red wine, that's crazy talk!) Plus, I just read an article that talks about the impact of caffeine and sleep. Well, I get crappy enough sleep all too often as it is. Lastly, work ran out of the good stuff and we're down to (shudder) Maxwell House, or something like. So starting tomorrow and for the rest of the week, ONE cup a day. Then the week after, no coffee during the work week, and one cup on the weekend. See how that feels.

Weekly totals
Swim 2.0 hrs
Bike 4.5 hrs
Run 2.0 hrs
Total 8.5 hrs.


  1. It's funny you say that about the coffee -- I've been off it myself since the new year...I've found it to be hard on my system. I don't know how else to explain it, but my body can handle 1 cup of tea per day.

    Go figure!

    Way to go for trying the push ups too -- awesome, Keith!!!!!!

  2. Shannon was in bed with what felt like a hard night of liquor of bar

    Glad you enjoyed the is super fun!


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