Monday, January 12, 2009

Only one resolutionista

FOMC today, and only one new person. Even some of the regulars are missing, so it was a quiet place. Thought about doing some more intervals but I can't see the pace clock in this pool. Swam 1000 m in one go, really thinking about form, trying to reach forward, get a good pull, and stay strong all the way to my thigh. The overall swim was slow at 21 min, but I wasn't trying for a fast time, was trying for a steady pace. Gradually slowed down a bit throughout, as my arms got tired. What was interesting is that my left arm, (my LEFT arm!!!) is what was getting tired. For the first time in months. I take this as another sign of progress.

Schedule is going to be all messed up this week. One of my good friends is coming into town and we want to go for dinner Tuesday night. Wed morning I'm giving a co-worker a ride to work, and will try to get into the pool mid morning. Friday after work I'm trying to get together with some friends I haven't seen for a while.

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  1. 1000m already!! Right on Keith!

    Enjoy your dinner -- knowing how you and Linda and honorary members of the Gastronomical Society, I wish I was coming for din-din with you!! :) :) :)


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