Thursday, January 22, 2009

IG's war on sloth and gluttony, continued

I got my swim in today. There was hardly anyone at all in the pool. Life is good. After the run last night I was feeling a little creaky, and decided to have an easy swim today. I did mostly really slow laps, at least they felt slow because I was trying to get my stroke hand down to my thigh, then out in front to touch the other hand, before letting it start the next stroke. Cruised along in a very lazy way, taking the time to feel the water flowing past my hands and arms. Did some breath every 5 and every 7 strokes. Did some one arm drill. Did some backstroke. Even tried some flip turns. Did some core work in the dive tank. 30 minutes.

Then spin class. Nice warm up. One leg drill 60, 75, and 90 seconds each leg. My left leg crapped out with 15 seconds or so to go on the last one. Then some 15/15's. That was the formal warm up. Then some hard hill climbing sets. Greg has been to coachland, where all the courses are uphill. Then he sprang a surprise on us between the sets. Squats! I've never done squats in my life. Holy Hannah!!! Then a nice long cool down.

1 hr 50 minutes. Legs are very tired. It was really hot up on the stage tonight, and I sweated a bucket. I really must remember to bring a banana or a snack in my bag for right after class. Tomorrow is a rest day. Swim with Greg on Sat.

It is officially cold and crappy out again, and it's started to snow. Roads are greasy. Saw a barely avoided major collision caused by someone running a red light. Scary stuff, since I was very close to the potential splatter zone.

The goodie list for Shannon and Mel's party is coming together. I will give tours of the wine cellar. I am seriously considering making the triple chocolate mousse cake, if I can find the recipe for it again. As I recall, you take ground up oreo cookie crusts with just enough chocolate sauce to hold them together and form the crust. Then comes a baked chocolate mousse layer. Then comes a different chocolate mousse layer that is refrigerated. Then a chocolate glaze. If you are a choco lover, it is to die for. One narrow slice is enough calories to fuel you through a 70.3 no problem at all.


  1. I'm very very sad that I can't be there to meet Mel (and Shannon for that matter!) Promise to take lots and lots of pictures

  2. I can't imagine spinning away in a room full of people trying to hold my toots in, and then having to get off and SQUAT. The resulting blast would be so long and loud, the windows would shatter. LOL!!!!

  3. Julie, I've heard your toots are legendary!

    Another great class last night Keith! Me arse t'is sore this morn'in from all d'em squats.

  4. i'm going to have to bug greg about stealing my bike/squat workout, haha.

    and yes, julie, it's probably best we keep you locked up in the backroom in the pass. tee hee. VEEERPP!


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