Monday, August 18, 2008

Slow, but sharkly

I woke up this morning with a really sore left shoulder. It was a bit creaky last night, but really stiff today. Even when I take a deep breath it hurts. So I was a bit dubious about swimming this am.

However, I was feeling a bit guilty about missing yesterday's workout. Normally I'd get it done first thing. Instead I wandered over the the Chaparral Oly to cheer on Lori, Leaha, and Jarrett. I also ran into Alex from spin class earlier this year. Looked like a fun race. I think for sheer guts, the winner in my eyes was the wheelchair gal, as I thought of her. Someone carried her into the water, and she backstroked the entire way. I got told today she flatted out. That's too bad. The plan was to ride in the evening, but a thunderstorm rolled in.

The new goggles are perfect! Love them. Enough of the cheapies. Started the swim, and for the first length was essentially swimming one armed. No pull at all with the left. Oddly enough, it felt smooth. I took it easy, and it gradually warmed up. A couple of the regulars were swimming nearby. I wasn't passing them quite as quick, and in fact, one of them was passing me.

I didn't care. My swim was going really well, actually, although slow. Very smooth and even. Thought about a long steady stroke, and a very easy pace. About the 35 min mark I picked it up for 6 laps, and pushed fairly hard. It just so happens one of the regulars was right there and we swam together. Then I cooled down a little, and stretched.

Linda got me this great seat massager thingie. It runs off house current and car AC. Heat, vibe, thighs, upper and lower back. I've got it humming now. Very nice. I'll take it with me to Camrose.

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