Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice evening run

I had itchy feet all day today, even though it's been warm and humid by Calgary standards. Did some stretching, a brisk warm up walk, warmup run, then 5 K at a good upper zone 3 pace, short jog, gentle walk, then more stretching. They say that running in zone 3 is junk miles, but it sure didn't feel that way to me. I mainly was working on pace, trying to be steady and smooth with my feet.

It was a nice night for a run. Still warm, but cooling off, with a nice breeze. The clouds were quite pretty, and beginning to get the weird lighting from a lowering sun.

This is my last real run before the Alberta Challenge, so I wanted to make it a good one to match my good bikes and swims recently. IG wanted a 30 minute continuous run, and I'm sorry Greg, it was actually 31:30. But that got me 5 K. Again, for me this is a really good time. I don't think I could have maintained it for 10 K, but you never know. I was feeling just a bit too full to be running hard, with a bit too much water, and the remains of supper sloshing about.

During the stretching after I thoroughly explored the new tri bag I bought. The wetsuit goes into the pocket for it slick as grass through a goose, and lots of room left for stuff in other pockets. The race stuff is gradually migrating down there, getting ready to be checked off against the master list.

I've been thinking of my many buddies going out to IMC in Pentiction. Hope you all have a great race! Normally I'd be sending energy throughout the day, but sorry, I'll be needing it for my own race. Current weather forecast for Camrose is sunny and 28 C. That will make the run tough for me, but I'll get through. I promise first thing I'll do when I get home is check to see how you're all doing, and some of you had darn well better be done!

Here's the heart rate and splits for the run, so not counting warmup or cooldown.
137 bpm overall average heart rate
149 bpm peak heart rate
121 bpm minimum heartrate
589 calories
1st K 6:38, 131 bpm
2nd K 6:08, 136 bpm
3rd K 6:15, 135 bpm
4th K 6:36, 141 bpm
5th K 5:53, 144 bpm

I still think I need to measure this route just a bit more carefully where the fourth K ends exactly. It seems a little slow, and the last K a little fast.

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  1. Hey Keith,

    Best wishes for a good race tomorrow!



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