Sunday, August 10, 2008

Company on the Road to Nepal

My buddy Lori D showed up this am ready to ride. (She says, "Hi Susi!") She's signed up for the Chaparral Oly, so we figured to ride not too far. I was up for a 3-4 hour ride. Normally I'd do this out 22x, but we wanted to do the Road. Instead of going down and back, we took the loop that goes up and over the big hill and comes out at Millarville Racetrack, across 549, and up the Road the easy way. It was overcast and slightly cool, so I ended up wearing the arm warmers for the first time.

For the flats and long uphills we rode and chatted. Lori's a bit more cautious going down hill than I am, so on the Road, I let'er rip, and pushed hard up the hills, then waited a short bit while she caught up. It's nice having someone to chat with especially since we ride about the same pace. Keeps it aerobic. She's signed up for next year's Chinook! I'm so excited for her. This is a great race, and if she can stay regular on her workouts she's going to eat it alive.

We had a great ride. 3 hours almost exactly. We did some stretching after, then she packed up to head home. I hope the traffic at 14th and Glenmore wasn't too bad. Then I left for my 30 min run. Sorry Greg, it wasn't quite off the bike, but it still took a K to get into the groove. Felt solid and steady, though it seemed like I was leaning back and letting my feet get out in front of me. I got most of the way around 5 K, maybe 4.5 K in the 30 min.

Oh, and we saw 3 white tailed deer cross 549 ahead of us. Trot trot, HOP! So graceful. Lori's Garmin died just as we got off the bikes. I was looking forward to seeing the elevation data. Oh well. Had a bit of a nap and quiet time this afternoon, then did some BBQ chicken. I need to get downstairs and put some labels on wine bottles and iron some clothes for next week at twork. Another busy week on the workout front coming up. I need to remember to call a motel in Camrose and book a room. I'm getting pumped about Miquelon Lake Half!

Weekly Totals
Swim 1.5 hr
Bike 5.5 hr
Run 2.0 hr
Total 9.0 hr

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  1. It's wonderful when you can have a good ride with someone, eh? And what's this about the Miquelon Lake Half? Man, I miss a post or two, and you've gone and entered another race!

    :) :) :) :)


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