Monday, July 28, 2008

was more tired than I thought this am

My routine was totally normal today, right up to the point of opening the driver's side passenger door at FOMC pool to get my gym bag. And only then realizing that it isn't there, it's at home.

So here I am, no socks in unlaced shoes, jeans with swim suit underneath, a work shirt, two days worth of unshaven face, and my typical mad scientist hair on end look. Certainly NOT suitable for the office. No choices there, back into the car, home, quickie shower, and back to work. I was even on time since traffic was astonishingly light.

I'm not really sure how the swim would have gone today, but I regret missing it. I was just getting back into the workout groove, and had looked forward to working my shoulders a bit. They're a little stiff from the ride yesterday. Yoga tonight, which is likely to be tough sledding. Will try for a swim tomorrow.


  1. Last monday night I left to go riding. Brought Lola downstairs (where she waits to be loaded on the back of the car) went downstairs got my car. Drove half way to Sarcee before I looked in my rearview and realized that I was missing one key element!

    It happens to the best of us!

  2. Hahahaha -- This afternoon I just about headed out on my brick with my bike helmet on! LOL!

  3. Gotta love triathlon training!! And everyone's minds are a bit pre-occupied at this time of year, as well as being physically and mentally tired from their devilish coach's plans!!!
    These little stories and situations that we all get ourselves into are just a part of the journey - they are the things we will all remember when the racing is over!! :)

  4. Keith buddy - ever since I have been reading your blog I have been playing a guessing game. The game has lasted at least 3 monthes...maybe longer.

    Anyways, the game I play is "Guess what FOMC" stands for. I usually make a guess or two before leaving it until I read it somewhere in your next blog entry(s)

    Well...I'm at a lost...I for the life of me can't figure out which pool that is in Calgary?

  5. Shannon, you'll have to go back through old postings. I'll give you a hint.

  6. i can't remember what it really is either.

    to make it easy, i just made up my own definition of FOMC...and yes, it's starts with an f-bomb just as jenna suggested in her original comment way back yonder... yup, i'm bad. tee hee


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