Tuesday, July 15, 2008

swimming yoga

Now there's a concept, but it sort of works.

Monday was my first hard swim in a while. Started off at a nice pace, but then worked on long and strong strokes. About the half way point I start sprinting 25 m and using the other 75 m to recover, and did that to the end. Overall 1500 m in 30 min.

Stretched for a while afterward, thinking about some of the yoga poses we'd done last week. There's a "rock the baby in the cradle" one where you pick up your leg by the ankle and the theory is you cradle your shin in your arms like a baby and rock back and forth. It's supposed to "open your hips".

The stretching has been doing wonders for my legs. They're continuing to improve. I was thinking of running last night, but did yoga instead. That was good, even if one girl went to sleep and snored like a banshee. (And for the record, it wasn't Linda!)

This morning I was lying in bed seriously considering getting up and going for a run early. I woke up to rain, and was thinking, "I've run in the rain before, that's ok." A minute later the room got quite bright, and a few seconds after that there was a rumble of thunder. Then I thought, "I'm not going to run in a thunderstorm!" So I'll wait and see what the weather is like this afternoon. If it's really crappy I guess it's back onto the spin trainer.

I ended up not going for a bike ride on the weekend after all. We had guests for a lunch bbq, then after cleaning up, I had a nice nap. The evening was babysitting some roast lamb on the bbq spit, and bottling some wine.

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