Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nice evening for a swim

We got into Lake Sundace, or Sundance Lake, whichever, through a friend of Kelsey's. Thanks Al!

I don't know about everybody else, but I had a good swim. Not the slightest idea how far I went, and if I guessed it would probably be too much. We swam about 50 minutes, and after I got my fricking goggles sealed, life was good. A tiny piece of my cap was under the goggle seal which buggers up the whole concept. I swam a longish loop around the lake anticlockwise, went up on the beach, then back in, and did a shorter loop. The water was nice, warm, and quite clean, all things considered. Tastes terrible, and even though I was trying not to, I ended up drinking some.

We all met up at the end, and practiced running up onto the beach and stripping off our wetsuits. Well, except for Kelsey, you'll have to ask her why she didn't!

My legs are feeling better, still some twinges in my left calf. I've been working on stretching it and massaging the tight bits. The plan is to go for a bike ride tomorrow, and see how that feels.

I smell like wetsuit. Even after a shower.


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