Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last long run before Chinook

After all this rain it's wonderful to see some sunshine again! And to be out for a nice long easy run is even better. You can see where I went. 12.2 K in 100 minutes is about 7.3K per hour or 8:11/Km. This is my last long run before Chinook.

Even running through puddles is kind of fun. It cools down the feet, but it sure slowed me down and changed my gait. Overall the run felt pretty good, especially from minute 10 to about 45. That's when I got into some big puddles and it took about 20 minutes to get my pace back. My feet are a little tender, but I walked before and after, and stretched pretty good.

My watch says:
125 average heart rate
140 peak heart rate (I thing that was slogging through long wet marshy grass.)
1565 calories

I'm busy making lists to get ready for Chinook. The guy at the store says my wetsuit should arrive Friday. That's really the only thing on my list that isn't under my control, but it should work out. Then my first open water swims in a wetsuit! That should be interesting.

This weekend I'm going to try to scope out the transition area, and bike the run course and the parts of the bike course that I haven't seen yet. Lots of other stuff to do. Including, mow my lawn!

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  1. Just wait until the shark is unleashed in the open water ... LOOK OUT! :)

    I'm excited for you! Last long run before the race -- the taper will begin shortly.


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