Thursday, April 10, 2008

snowy run

Well, it wasn't snowing when I started. There was brutal snow when we left home, but at FOMC pool there was no snow at all. The roads weren't even wet. The plan called for 60 -65 10/1, so I started, feeling pretty sure I'd get snowed on at some point. No shit Sherlock!

It started snowing going down the hill, and by the time I got past the golf dome I couldn't see out of my glasses anymore. I got just past the electrical substation near 32nd, then back, still snowing like a banshee. By now I'm running in a cm of snow. I got back to the car, and in one hour there is maybe 5 cm on it. Shower and change and we're up to 7 or 8 cm. Drive to work. There's enough snow where I park that it's well up my shin. People coming in later are telling me that when they open their car door, it pushes aside snow. It's almost stopped now. I'd not be surprised if well over a foot of it has fallen. Susi is probably totally choked. Yet it's supposed to rain this afternoon and get up to 7, so it will probably be all gone by rush hour home.

In spite of the snow, and you have know that I believe that each day brings another chance to conquer the unexpected, and that there's no such thing as bad weather just poor clothing choices, I had a good run. I did the plan and went about 7.8 K in the 66 minutes, heart rate mostly zone 2, and ended up back exactly where I started, so my times were quite even. I managed to start and stop one 10 min segment at spots I could find again later on mapmyride, and it was 1.35 K in 10 min, which is 8 Kph, in upper zone 2. That is fabulous for me! I could have kept going for a while yet.

Total time 66 min.
27 min in zone 2, most of probably just out of zone 2.
avg heart rate 119
Peak heart rate 144, climbing the hill again, but I ran it all.
Min 93
Total calories, 948.

It supposed to be really nice in Calgary on the weekend. So I'm planning to do my Sunday ride on the road to Nepal. A nice little 73 K ride. Unless IG objects, of course. See the map below for the route I'm thinking about. Does anyone want to join me? One of my SEI buddies might come along. Let me know via comments, or phone my message machine at 281-9444.


  1. I bumped into Susi on the way into work this morning and she was cursing a blue streak!

    I'm not sure what the best clothing choice for this morning could have been? Protective bubble?

  2. body condom. it was the only thing that could have possibly saved us today.

    and yes, i was a walking, cursing snowball this morning. by the time i walked from the pool to work i had an inch of snow on the brim of my cap and my hair was full of wet, icy snow balls, kinda like dogs get. very business like. really glad i took the time to blowdry my hair at the pool. sheeesh.


    it SOOO better be nice this weekend!!!

  3. oh and if anyone hears what i'm saying at my desk right now, as i peer down the hall to look out the window and see more friggin snow falling, i will have to claim tourettes syndrome!

    it's less than 3 months from IMCDA - i NEED to ride outside!

  4. How did I luck out today?? Usually the Pass gets nailed with the crappy weather -- we must have blown it over to you guys. Sorry! :) :)


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