Thursday, April 3, 2008

slow'n steady run

Did I feel like running this morning? Actually, yes, I did. I'd tried a home made energy drink from a recipie I found in Impact magazine during my bike last Sunday, and it appear to work well. It tastes way better than Perpetuem. I wanted to try the same thing during a run and see what happened. Since the IGP™ called for 60 10/1, I thought today was a good time to start.

I parked in my normal place under 8th ave. Oh, and btw, the road from the zoo to this parking lot SUCKS SLOUGH WATER! Its not just potholed, it's mega-stockpot holed. I was driving at very very slowly and I was worried about bottoming out. They can't just fix the holes, I think they have to dig the whole road out and start over. I digress.

This time I ran south toward the zoo, and along Memorial almost to the 4th Ave flyover in 33 minutes, then back in 32. I checked on mapyourride, and it turns out to be 7.5 KM. My run quickly settled into a groove. Almost every time I checked my watch it said 121 or 123 bpm. The actual average for the hour was 120 bpm, with a peak of 133, and total calories of 1000.

I really enjoyed going past the zoo where Nose Creek joins the Bow. There's a zillion geese there, all arranging the day's plans and squabbling over breakfast. And of course, there's no traffic so it's quiet. As you get closer to downtown, it gets louder, and there are some odd sights. For instance, somebody has laced a pair of boots together and thrown them up in a tree. There's actually two pairs, one pair of boots, and one of sneakers. There has to be a sad story there somewhere, and I'll never know it.

The run felt great. I got back to the car at 65 min and walked around for another minute to bring the timing nice and even, then did some stretches. I'm pretty sure that if I'd had more to drink, and maybe a snack, I could have done it again. But I didn't and went off to shower and work.

Work was one of the most exciting mornings I've had trying to deal with 3 things mostly at once, that I could easily have devoted all my time to any one of them. Oh well, it was past noon before I realized. After work, I met my friend SD, who I used to work with at the same place as Susi. I eagerly sucked back a large beer and we had a very nice chat about things fitness, database, and other. Oh, and he says "hi Susi!"

I have to admit I wasn't so eager for the spin session tonight, and was seriously thinking of postponing it till Friday. I'd asked IG what "ez spin recovery and cadence focus" meant. Once I read the reply, I was in. How can I turn down a zone 1 easy pedal at 85 to 95 rpm? This was to help my legs recover, and I have to admit they felt better after the spin. It was actually a little tricky trying to maintain 90 rpm and keeping heart rate under 100. I could do it as long as I didn't get excited thinking about the swim tomorrow, or racing, or move around on the bike too much.

Oh yes, and I tried planking, but I don't want to talk about the results. Perhaps I drank too much before, but I was beginning to gurgle at the 45 second point of front plank and thought it best to bail out.

So 66 min run
45 min spin


  1. i love running down by the river - when you can get away from the traffic noise it's absolutely blissful.

    you'll have to share your energy drink recipe with us! how did you feel with it on the run?

    i have to get in touch with SD soon!

  2. I want the recipe too! Which issue of Impact was it in?

    I heard once that shoes hung up like that or on telephoen wires mean that there was a rumble there.

    Great run!


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