Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sat swim semi-ugg

I slept in today till 6:30. The Fast Pool had a crowd of people in the lobby waiting to get in, and Alex from spin class was there. We chatted a bit, then later shared a lane.

1K working hard to do it in 20 minutes
5 x 50 m, on 1:15, times ranging from 45 to 53 seconds.
500 m in 10 min.

They made that pool longer. It isn't just me. Alex says so too, and so did a couple of other people. I was breathing much harder for those times at those distances than I usually do. The first K was hard and I wasn't in the groove. My inner shark was puzzled. The intervals weren't much better. My inner shark started frowning, wondering what I've been up to lately. The last 500 had my inner shark frowning a little less, since I was swimming much smoother. But I could tell I was tired and a bit slow. The dive tank was full of floaties, with no room for me. boo.

Plus the idiot in the next lane, (not Alex) was doing this weird half breast, half freestyle stroke that took up a lane and a half. He hit me several times with various limbs, once almost in the face. My inner shark and I were in agreement. If he put that hand in my face again I was gonna bite hard then roll and twist. ARGH! As you might imagine, my inner shark hung around with an air of hopeful anticipation. I was going to talk to him (the guy, not my inner shark) about it, but decided I wasn't likely to see him again.

The scale of truth (and you thought I'd forgotten) has an interesting story. My number last week was 231. I step on this week, and slide the scale to 230. pointer down, 229, 228, 227, 226 when the pointer finally comes up. Holy crap! Then Alex on the treadmill says that I'm probably lighter than the scale, since someone has been screwing with it lately. So I put 80 pounds of weights on it, and the scale says they weigh 76 or so. hmmm. Weigh myself again. I guess today's "official" number is 230.

Not sure what it is with my calves. No matter if I'm swimming, biking or running, they seem to be the part that complains first. It might be a dehydration thing, since I'm trying to think about how much fluid I'm taking in near workouts. I really don't like the sloshing feeling if I've had too much. I'm not big on carrying a water bottle either, but maybe I just have to work out how to do it.


  1. lol...did your inner shark happen to vacation in San Diego?

  2. you know i was thinking the same thing as alan! then again, i knew he was still inside of you when i read that you were going to bite the guys arm, LOL.

    keep up the good work. the shark is there. he might just be on a bit of a plateau, which is perfectly natural. very cool about the number!!


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