Tuesday, April 29, 2008

run and bike day

IGP™ was 45-50 min 10/2. Did 4 sets, going a little less than 6K, nice and easy. Heartrate firmly under control. Back to the house at 5:20 for a nice bit of stretch and shower.

First outdoor ride with the spin class. By the numbers it was in the ballpark for me. Average speed just over 25Kph, and a little over an hour of riding. Heart rate a little high, but not grossly so. But emotionally, it wasn't a good ride. I pulled my bike out of the car, and the back tire was flat. So I screwed up something, probably pinched the tube when I changed to the road tire last night. Pumped it up again, but it was slowly going flat again. I was worried about it suddenly going flat on me, and of course at the worst possible moment. That does wonders for your concentration. It ended up ok, and I'll deal with it tomorrow. I was tired, and not focused on the ride. I could tell I was pounding the pedals up and down, and the more I tried to spin the worse it got. In the end, I packed it in early. They're probably still out there.


  1. ohh my goodness... you have energy! i'm still trying to figure out how to keep my eyes open after work!

  2. it was friggin windy out there last night! i'm impressed that you guys went out - i likely would have stayed indoors, haha.

    good job!

  3. You guys went outside! Awesome Break free from the trainer!

  4. Pretty cool that your spin class goes outside...which facility is it?

  5. We started out from Speed Theory. We rode over to Silver Springs, then did around and around and around and around and around and around a loop. We were supposed to do an easy, medium, then hard loop, then repeat the set some number of times. I only have one pace, and can't keep track of complicated things like easy, medium, and hard.


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