Monday, April 21, 2008

A quiet swim at FOMC

For once, a quiet Monday at the pool, sharing the lane with only one other person.

Feeling lazy today, so only 1500 m in 29:50, then 15 minutes in the dive tank for core and flexibility work. I even watched Julie's link on how to do flip turns and tried a couple of them. No water in nose, but it's not fast or graceful. Still, the wonder of a dancing bear and all.

It's snowing lightly again. yuck. I am so done with snow. The run tomorrow morning probably isn't going to be much fun with the uncertain footing.

Oh, and Susi, both Colleen H and Lori D say hi!


  1. Wonder of a dancing bear -- LMAO!!! I am still throwing a few lengths of "butterfly" kicks at the end of my workouts -- and I use the term butterfly very loosely. Actually, the only similarity between what I am doing and butterfly is that my legs kick at the same time. I kick until I can't breathe and then I somehow come up for air on either side and then plunge down again.

    Sometimes I kick along the bottom of the pool, sometimes I hover at the surface. I really have no idea if this is doing anything for my swimming fitness!!! LOL!!!

  2. I think it is. Doing almost anything in the water (minds OUT of the gutter guys!) is relaxing and increases feeling at home in the water. The more you commune and be friendly with the water molecules, the less fuss they make when you move through them.


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