Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gradually good sunday spin

I mused about riding outside. It's almost nice enough, but decided not so I could stay focused on the zone and cadence. This is the same workout as last Sunday. Just as well; it's snowing now. (Sorry Susi.)

10 min warmup
10 min 1 leg drill (30 sec R, 30 sec both, 30 sec L, 30 sec both, repeat 5 times.)
10 x 6.3/3.5 min upper and lower zone 2. Five sets hill climbing, 5 spin at +90 rpm. Just to mix things up did the first part of the hill sets standing up, and the first part of the fast sets by spinning fast and easy. Both of these went till my heart hit the top of zone 2, then I settled in for the rest of the workout.

The first hour sucked. I wasn't comfy on the bike, couldn't get dialed into a cadence, was breathing way harder and sweating way more than my heart rate indicated I should be. But then about 55 minute mark, things began to settle down. I could spin faster in the same gear, or push a bigger gear at the same heart rate. About 70 minutes into the workout I was doing good.

In zone 2 for 1:27
Avg heart rate 108
peak heart rate 126 (130 rpm for 20 seconds, very little bouncing!)
Min heart rate 75
total calories 1380. (I adjusted my weight down to 235 in the watch.)

Weekly totals
Swim 2 hr
Bike 4.5 hr
Run 2.6 hr
Total 9.1 hr

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