Friday, April 25, 2008

Fri schedule change

This has been a week for dragging my ass. Every week I think it can't get busier at work, then it does. The Tues spin class ran me down more than I realized. Thursday morning I looked out the window in the morning, saw more snow, saw how the wet last night was frozen in places, and thought about how my legs felt. Then I went back to bed till the regular 5:15 wakeup time. Thursday night I was at work at 7pm, with only a light lunch. I knew I didn't have the gas to spin, and I knew once I ate there was no way I was doing anything but go to bed. So I arbitrarily declared that my rest day this week was Thursday, and I'd push everything back a day.

My "Thursday" morning happened today. Since I don't drop Linda off at work on Fridays, I could run from home. I've ridden up 37th street path many times, but I've never run it. Somehow it seems flatter when running, but I'm not sure why.

6 x 12/1 for 76 minutes, almost exactly 9 Km, with a couple minutes of walking before and after. It turns out to be just under 5 K to get to the Glenmore path, and I didn't quite get to the turnoff. The first 43 minutes of the run was great! I had a nice even pace and felt strong with my heart rate nice and steady at the top of zone 2. The wind heading downhill to the reservoir was pretty brisk.

Then my left calf started getting twingy and crampish. I fiddled with my stride a bit, and stretched and rubbed it during the walk minute at 52. The rest of the run back was a bit of an ordeal. Both calves were complaining pretty hard by the time I got home. My stride changed from nice and smooth to something considerably more clumpy by the end.

Still it was a nice morning for a run, and even the last part was pretty much at the pace I'd set before. At 76 minutes I was within 10 steps of where I started timing my run.

The schedule didn't say so, but I figured a nice and easy spin would be just the thing for my legs. But talk about bored! I decided to try it without my ipod, and that hour took the best part of forever! It's easier when you're doing a series of drills, but the steady pedalling gives you nothing to pay attention to but how your butt feels. And the funny noises the bike, the trainer, and your shorts make as they rub against the saddle.

I'm very happy it's Friday. I'll go for what I hope is a nice swim tomorrow morning then settle into a domestic day around the house. Sunday is supposed to be nice, and if it's above 10 C I'm gonna ride outside!! If I get really organized I might head up to South Glenmore park to cheer on my buddies in the Police half marathon. Good luck with that everyone, and hope you have a great run!


  1. Cheer on everyone for me too!! I as wondering why there were no Keith blog updates but then I though you must have just gotten into your wine collection with your lovely wife and that was that!! So whats with your calves? Sometimes the front of my shins cramp up and it is almost always due to dehyration before a run or severe fatigue. Glad you could "clump" your way through it and only be 10 steps off your start point!! Have a great weekend!! Hope you can get on your bike!!

  2. #1737 for me, yell if you happen to see me. :)

  3. Getting up at your regular 5:15time? Shudder. My God man, I would be pooped just getting up at that time.

    I think everyone is sick of the snow and ready for summer. It's funny, my right calf cramped a bit last Sunday -- am I channeling you, or are you channeling me? LOL!!!!


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