Thursday, April 10, 2008

ez spin

Easy spin tonight, the idea is to be high cadence, zone 1. All this was in Estela's easiest gear.

10 min warmup
20 min at 100 rmp, heart rate under 100
5 min relax easier spin
10 min at 100 again
5 min relax
5 min at 100
5 min relax cool down
1 hour total.

Average heart rate 90
peak 104, for 6 seconds
min 65
calories 409

I was surprised how easy 100 rpm was, and how steady I could keep my upper body. 100 used to seem impossibly fast. During spin class on Tues I got up to 130 for 20 seconds, no bouncing.

So, nobody has said anything about coming for a ride on Sunday. All of you were distracted by a few snowflakes that are typical spring weather for Calgary. Who's in? Scroll down for the proposed route. I'm thinking a noon-ish departure, but I'm easy on that. This isn't going to be a mad race, just a nice easy ride with buddies, hoping I can keep up.


  1. well i would gladly come however, i can't make it this weekend :)

  2. Hey bud, thanks for sharing your reasons why over at Susi's post. It's stuff like that, that inspires me.

    Dude you rock.

  3. I echo Shannon's comments -- very well said. I especially like your bit about how a guy who crosses the finish line at Ironman might be a jerk --but he isn't a loser!! LOL!! That's a great one.

    I think you might be the solo Sherpa going to Nepal this weekend!! I'll be coming up there one of these days though...

    Great work on your cadence -- you have come so far in a relatively short period of time!!! It's amazing what we can do if we stop making excuses, and just get off our butts!! :) :) :)

    P.S. I've finally found the perfect nickname for you!!!! (Check out my blog roll!! ) :) :) :)


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