Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tues Part 2, or, IG tried to kill us

The spin session started out like usual, with some warmups and one leg drills. For a while I was getting better at those, but I seem to have regressed lately. Or maybe I had a premonition about what the night would bring, and wanted to save something for later.

Then later arrived.
3 sets of 18 minutes with some diabolical stuff in there. Short time trials, hill climbs, (though I noted there weren't any downhills on this 3 lap course), speed sets, all going one into the next, with only a couple minutes in between sets. I'm glad it was over when it was, cause I was over.

I think somewhere along the way, my heart and lungs have made major strides, and left my legs behind. There I am pedaling away on sort of tired legs, barely able to get my heart rate out of zone two. Yet I'm on the big chainring and sometimes over 100 rpm. I didn't get past 120 or so till the last bit where I maintained 100 rpm and got up into the 3 rd hardest gear. I still couldn't hear my trainer though, what with all the heavy breathing and other trainers. I was on the bike for 1:50, but for math purposes I'll call it 1.75 hrs.

I bought a bunch of stuff for the bike, a new tire for the outside ride, spare tube, tire irons (made of plastic of course), a co2 cartridge, a little bag for under the saddle to put it all into and other stuff besides. So first nice day when I'm not in the office, or when I've got time in the evening, I'm so out on the road! I can hear Nepal calling me!

Say, how would people like to pick a weekend in a few weeks when it's nicer, do the road to Nepal in the afternoon, maybe do a short brick from our place, then settle in to sample the wine cellar? If people feel the need, we have a guest shower, and you could change afterward.


  1. hmmmm, maybe my 2 sets of 20 min MAPs wasn't so bad afterall....haha.

    oh, and i've always found my heart and lungs to be king kong stronger than my damn legs. rats!

    good on ya for hanging in. depending on the weekend and what the IGP calls for i'm in on a ride. can we make it a saturday if we are doing wine testing though?? haha.

  2. And I was thinking about joining you guys this Thursday! Now I'm scared!

    I'm in for a weekend ride! I can't wait to get back on the road.

  3. How MUCH do I wish I lived in Calgary? I wanna do the road to Nepal!!

    Do you guys ever think IG sits alone in his home twisting his long fingers round one another as he tries to figure out how he can torture his little athletes? I was picturing everyone at his class as Keith described the workout and I could see people falling and tipping off their bikes as he pushed them harder and harder ...lol Good thing we all know he is actually a NICE guy with an EVIL, TWISTED SIDE and that he is not throughly EVIL.

  4. Holy crap Keith -- what a workout!!! You are doing phenomenal!! Keep blogging about the group rides --- I'll be up for it in the summer.


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