Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tues part 1

The IGP called for 50-60 minutes 7/1. I wasn't looking forward to the complicated math that entails, but carried on.
3 minutes brisk walking, then into it.
3 minutes cool down.

*Explanation of stuff is somewhat difficult. I thought I was keeping track and running 7 and walking 1, but when I got to the end, it didn't come out where expected. In any case, I ran for about 7 minutes most of the time, and walked 1 most of the time, and somehow it added up to 54 minutes. So I either ran too long, or not long enough, or something. I was trying to keep my heart rate in zone 2, and the average over the hour was 120, but I peaked at 135, and spent a lot of time at the mid-120's. My watch says I burned 908 calories. Is that possible?

Overall it felt pretty good, mostly a steady stride and nothing hurt.


  1. I sometimes screw up on my bike sets -- I'll even take the time, and write out the whole workout on a piece of paper. But still, somehow, there are days where I forget basic math! LOL!!

  2. I did that today...was supposed to do 12 min at my steady state hr...with 5 min easy run in between...do ya think I could add these together?

  3. nope.
    i can't do math and move at the same time either.

  4. math and running do not go hand in hand!! great workout regardless


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