Monday, March 3, 2008

So-so swim

Don't think I'm blaming the goggles, but I could not get the right one to stay sealed. I spent most of the swim with water sloshing around, getting into my right eye. It's amazing how distracting that is.

My massage therapist found this massive lump of tightness in my left mid back. That's always a "crunchy" spot, as she puts it, but this was way worse than normal. Maybe that's why things hurt so much last week. Out of desperation I've started mousing with my right hand again.

1000 m in 20:11. Icky-poo. Sloppy, uncoordinated, weak, feeble, and decrepit.

25 minutes of core and flexibility in the dive tank.

Total 45 minutes.


  1. 1000 m in 20:11 is still kicking my butt!!!

  2. I hate when water gets in my goggles!! Last year at IMC, I knocked my own goggles off about halfway through the swim. I felt like such an idiot -- but looking on the bright side -- I didn't have goggle-eye for the water exit photos AND I swam my fastest yet -- which is still not very fast! LOL!!!!

  3. you have conveyed your feelings so clearly ...Icky-poo. Sloppy, uncoordinated, weak, feeble, and decrepit.... hang in there :) poppy days build character!

  4. I look forward to the day when i am able to say my 1000m swim sucked....way to go!!

  5. dude, 'icky poo'?? come, come now...surely we can find some stronger words than icky poo.



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