Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Road to Nepal

So as long as my dentist isn't having fun with me, here's the poop on The Road to Nepal.

The road starts at the intersection of highway 22x and 37st SW. There's a big cellphone tower there, and an informal parking lot between the east and westbound lanes. It's 7.6 Km from my house.

Start by going south. The road is newly paved and nice. There's a few hills but nothing too major, good warmups I think.
At 4.8 Km, turn right. There's a stop sign, and the good pavement goes this way.
at 6.5 Km turn left. This is not marked but the pavement goes this way. This part is flat, but when you turn you can see the first hill.
7.2 K get settled in and start climbing, long and steady, then near the top it gets steeper. 2.3 Km worth of hill, then down.
10.6 K start climing again, a steep hill for 800 m, then down.
13.2 K start climing again for 500 m, then down.
14.7 K up yet again for 600 m.
Then a long downhill and up a bit to come to 549 at 18 K. If you're macho, you can turn around and do it the other way.
If not, turn right.
29.6 K and you're at hwy 22 at the Millarville track turnoff. There's a good shoulder going north.
42.5 K or so and you're at 22x turning right.
at 49 K the good shoulder stops.
54.1 K gets you back to 37 street, and if that's where you parked, lucky you.

Once Susi gets tuned up for the road, she could ride south, past Bragg, go east past the Millarville track, go north on the road to come out on 22x, and then back home. That'd be a great ride.

I saw 4 people struggling up the hills while I was checking it out (in the car!!!), but didn't recognize any of the bikes. Nice road bikes, but they were head down and pedaling hard. Great day for a ride, sunny and warm.


  1. That'd be an awesome ride!! I'll definitely head out from here and do it. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like heaven! I can't wait until I can start riding outside again!!!

  3. I've done that one before! It's awesome. Also, I use to map rides out. It makes organizing group rides a lot easier. it a great help too!


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