Friday, March 28, 2008

Light'n fast spin

Only an hour! A mere 60 minutes was all the IGP™ called for. It called for it last night, it's true, but then if we all did exactly what IG said, and never any different, he'd have no reason to read our blogs and would pine away from boredom. Poor IG. So really, we're doing him a favour, aren't we?

10 min warmup
20 min at +90 rpm, easy gear, mid zone 2.
3 min easy pedal
9 x 1 min +100 rpm smooth, 1 min easy pedal 75-80 rpm. Essentially this oscillated my heart rate from the bottom to top of zone 2 for me.
9 min cooldown

And then, the dreaded planking. I tried the Susi trick of watching the stopwatch. Sorry Susi, all I proved was that time can slow down enough to see the bars change on the hundredths place on my watch.
Front 1:10
Each side 45 seconds each.
I'm a long way from the exclusive 3 minute company.


  1. Way to go Keith!!!! Those side planks are a killer, eh?

  2. My planks really do suck...I have not commited to make them better so all my own fault. But way to go Keith!!

  3. I'm the opposite I can't stare at the stopwatch. I need the distraction from the pain.

    My trick is to avoid looking at it for as long as I can and then wait a few seconds longer.

    The sides will get you every time!


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