Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dawn runs are fun!

What a great morning for a run! Not too cold, not too warm. No ice on the path. The IGP called for 45 minutes 8/1. That makes the math easy, once I thought it out in advance, and that's exactly what I ran.

I settled into the groove again, and ran just about 120 HR, mostly under, but slightly above on a couple hills. There were a couple times where I actually had to speed up a little bit to get the heart rate back up again, but it didn't seem like I was running slowly. In fact, I thought I set a really good pace for myself.

I started at 8th ave, and ran well north of the golf dome, to the south end of the City yard, and back again. Mostly my stride was good, taking short frequent steps, and trying to pretend the ground is really hot. It's still a little choppy though; I suspect I could do some work on my foot strike. IG and I are planning to do a run together, and we'll see what he says.

But the magical part is that for about 4 strides near the end of the run, when I was getting a little bit tired, it all flowed. My body just floated along as my feet padded along underneath, not really working, not feeling any impact at all. If running was always like that nobody would be driving cars!

My legs feel great, though I haven't been able to touch my toes for a while. Massage on Friday might help. Looks like Friday will be the rest day since the pool will be closed.


  1. Yes it would be good to work out with someone about your own pace in things.... it does keep you on track a bit I think :) Sounds like your running is really coming along :) I just dropped 150 bone for ANOTHER new pair of runners hoping to not get the mother blisters I am getting in the other shoe that felt great in the store!

  2. I haven't been able to touch my toes since 1996! Good Runnin' I'm envious that you can your run done in the mornings!

  3. Keith, good for you on the run! Good to read that it feels like things are coming together a bit.

  4. Careful Keith -- You seem to be getting perilously close to the runner's high!! Way to go!! Glad to hear your running is coming along!! :):)


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