Friday, March 7, 2008

The biking dentist

I actually ran into my dentists office, as he held the door. No, I'm not kidding.

But that was after a nice relaxing swim.
2K 39:57 Nice and easy sharing a lane with M. She's a long and steady swimmer that swims just a little slower than me, so I'll pass her every 15 laps or so. But she stops to put on, or take off swim toys, so I hardly ever have to pass her. Our lane was calm. Big time shit happening in other lanes though. Lots of people with fins. A super fast dude (his breast stroke is a bit faster than my usual front crawl) trying to share the lane with a couple of other idiots. People in another lane, one with fins thrashing and churning but going nowhere. You know it's slow when they're doing front crawl, with fins, and I blow past them. One guy that seemed unable to complete a length without standing up. A big discussion in one lane that didn't sound fun. Busy day, but all is good.

Then 15 min core in the dive tank. Thinking about the plank muscles. They're still a bit sore this am!

On to the dentist. Turns out he's going into the Chinook Tri as the bike leg as part of a team. He lives not far from me and told me about several great rides south and west of Calgary. I'll have to try "The Road to Nepal". I've driven it, major roller coaster hills, and it has new pavement! Suggested we go riding sometime. How cool is that?

Oh, and the number. I forgot, even though it's good news. A slightly light 237, and that's in spite of 6 chocolate chip cookies I had to celebrate surviving the plank ordeal.


  1. that's very cool! where is the ride to nepal???

  2. susi... you get on that one and we can ride to nepal when i come visit!!

    I hate to admit it but my dentist drilling down that filling the other day seems to have helped a bit .....

  3. I wanna know too! I am sooooo tired of the bragg creek route!

  4. Good for you on the plank!! I have been practising (off and on) and I am only at 30 seconds...

  5. Jenna -- The dentist may have helped, but he is still a dink! LOL!! I would totally be up for a summer ride with you guys. I get lonesome riding solo down here --I'd make it a weekend!!

  6. i see a weekend workout session for all of us, followed by some karaoke and JD for Susi!!


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