Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Hour run, tough ride

The IGP™ called for 50-55 minutes 6R/2W. It was such a beautiful morning, and I hate complicated math when I run. 7 intervals would be 56 minutes, but then I'd have the turn around at 23 min, in the middle of a walk period. Ick. I decided to do 8 and make it 64, since I was going to try to keep the heart rate under 120.

8 x 6R 2W with stretching before and after. Heart rate averaged 116. For the first 45 minutes or so I steamed along at just under 120, then it gradually rose to mid-120s at the same pace. Slowing down to get it under 120 took me to a clumsy walking pace. Plus I was getting hungry. I started at 8th Ave and took 31 minutes to run to where 32nd Ave crosses Nose Creek, and 30 min to run back. If you believe Google maps that's about 7.2 km.

It was still fairly cold, about -6 or 7. I don't know what I'm going to do when it gets warm. I probably won't be able to run at all. Dawn came about half way through, and I got to listen to all the birds wake up. Nice.

The evening spin session was brutal. I havn't been this uncomfortable on the bike in a long time. Everything hurt, hands, arms, feet, butt, and even my legs were muttering complaints just loud enough that I didn't quite have to notice. The IGP™ called for 60 minutes, and I just made it, and not 2 seconds longer. I'd been hoping to go for 1.5 hr.

10 min warm up
10 min one leg drill, with a 30 second set of steadily rising rpm
5 x 5 min work, 2 min easy
5 min cooldown.

I struggled throughout having trouble maintaining an even spin. One set I easily got heart rate past 120 and had to back down, one other one I nailed it, and the rest I struggled to get past 110. Legs were tired. As soon as I finish my blog and check the Malaysia news, I'm going to bed.

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