Friday, February 29, 2008

The famous weight loss chart

Here it is! The light blue line is an idealized weight loss of 1 pound per week. The darker line is my actual loss, starting from early November till this morning. It's a bit small, and I supposed if I futzed with it I could get it bigger and clearer, but it's good enough. Faithful readers will know the current number, and from there can figure out where I started from.

The actual process. Copy the chart into Visio of all things, and save as a PNG, then insert it just like any other image.


  1. Great graph!!! And if you click on it - it gets nice and big!!

    well done!!

  2. Because I want to be just like Jenna...I too would like to put this graph on my blog...but even those instructions are too much for me...embarrassingly, I struggled with the countdown thing!! And Good for you Keith!! That is some solid progress, right there!!

  3. My graph isn't from Skinnyr. I do it in xl. But you can't put an xl graph directly in the blog. So assuming you know how to get a graph in xl, all you have to do is copy paste it into any program that will accept it and that can save it as a jpeg or png file. Visio was the first one I found, but there are probably others. Once it's in this other program, save it as an image, jpeg or png. Then you can put it into the blog exactly like a photo. Hope that helps.

    I have to admit the graph getting nice and big was a nice surprise. That wasn't anything special I did.

  4. Solid work! You should be proud of your achievement. HAHAHA! I have to laugh at kelly b.'s entry -- I am the same way -- if a two year old can't do it, then there is little hope for me. Apparently, you are not only a swim God, but a computer one too!

    Let me show you how this computer gobbledy-gook sounds to us lowly mortals --
    1. You have to get the graph in xl: - how and in what way I do not know, but it will take hours of messing around the computer, googling help forums, and feeling like an idiot.
    2. Anything that says "all you have to do" is a major red flag. This usually entails a brief spurt of hope -- I can do this! -- immediately followed by the stark realization I still have no idea what I am doing.

    Hahahaah! Mind you -- this is coming from a person who has a hell of a time trying to get her DVD to play!!!!!


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