Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday spin and run

Watch adventures first. The guy that put the battery in my old watch didn't seal it up properly, and of course, water got into the innards. I took it apart again, cleaned the corrosion off the new battery, carfully put it back together again, and golly gee, it works. Well, the light doesn't come on. And I'm afraid to put it in the water again. So I went shopping for a new watch/heart rate monitor. In a couple years, when this battery dies, I'll try to go to a place where they guarantee that it will still be waterproof after the battery replacement.

MEC has the Timex, a couple of other models I didn't like, and several Garmins. Of course you can't buy just the wrist part, you have to buy the chest part as well. Such is the price of living in a world of planned obsolesence. But I got the next model up from the Timex I had, so I can do laps now. AND BONUS! For the first hour, the seconds are big, so I can read them easily. How about that. It even works with the chest monitor I already had, so I've got an extra now. Maybe my wife might like to wear it during her walks, with my old watch, to see how hard she's working. As for the Garmin, if I really get into the running, or need the extra data to facilitate training, then I'll think about it more. But for now, I think it would be overkill, and there's other things I'd rather spend the money on.

On to the spin workout.
10 min warmup
10 min at 90 rpm usual easy gear for further warmup.
Then up onto the big chainring, smallest gear
8 x 1 min at 100 then 1 min at 85, then go up a gear each 2 minutes. 4 min recovery
5 x 30 sec at 100 rpm in hardest gear, 1.5 min easy gear recovery
6 min at 90 rpm moderate gear, 4 min recovery
10 x 30 sec at 110 rpm or so, 1.5 min recovery
10 min cool down
Total 90 min.

Heart rate peaked at just over 140 during the pyramid of harder gears, but my watch said the average HR for this entire period was 115. The spin at 110 was a bit cautious, but it felt more like a surging than a bounce. I was really concentrating on bike form, engaging my core, and spinning easily.

3 min transition, with some stretches for hams.

Started run off easy,
7:29 1st K avg HR 133
6:16 2nd K avg HR 140
6:23 3rd K avg HR 142
4:34 or so was 25 min avg HR 146, and I stopped running about the 3.75 K mark, though I need to verify exactly where the 3 and 4 Km markers are.
12 min walking cool down to complete 5 K loop.
Further stretches.

Overall it felt great! My calf didn't bother me at all. The bike session felt fairly strong, and I could have gone longer and harder, but I didn't want to over do it. The run was about right for intensity, since the IGP™ called for a 15-20 min run and I essentially started to poop out at 25.

Weekly totals
Swim 2 hrs
Bike 2.83 hrs
Run 2 hrs
Total 6.83 hrs

Puttering around the house, then massage!

Just to confirm, FOMC stands for Fat Old Men Club. There are some non-fat, non-old, non-men, of course, but that seems to be the single biggest group. I of course, am in transition, from fat to non-fat, from young to middle-aged, but decidedly still a men. Not changing that.


  1. Good job with the bike and run!

  2. Thank you!! Now that I know what it stands for - I will sleep much better!


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